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  • Step-by-step coaching program, keeping you plugged-in and avoiding “Shiny Object Syndrome”
  • How to get all the “tech stuff” setup, even if you’re not a “technical” person, and the simple method for automating the signup process so you can get people into your coaching program while you sleep (literally)
  • How to attract affiliates in the droves and build strong relationships and partnerships
  • How to get started right away even if you have no clue what you’re doing online, you’re a complete newbie, or you’ve been spinning your wheels for a long time… Kevin breaks it down, takes you by the hand, and serves up a plan for your success on a silver platter
  • The exact steps to actually begin creating your product and the types of products that will make you the most money with the least overall effort required
  • The 3 things you MUST understand before you ever spend a penny on paid advertising.
  • The best types of coaching programs to create, how to charge fees as high as $5,000 - $10,000+ (even if you’re just starting out), and how to scale things up from there
  • The simple process for getting all the customers you want with Facebook, and a few other methods Kevin has perfected (that almost no one is currently using)
  • The exact pricing formula Kevin uses to get the best sales numbers with his products and how you should be pricing your first product
  • How to followup with a proven plan that allows your business to keep scaling and scaling long after launch
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10-Week Private Email Access To Me

You will get access to my private email during for 10 weeks. This way you can easily ask questions that you don't want to ask publicly in one of the coaching sessions or in the closed Facebook group. You can easily reach out for help 24/7 and seek for help. These emails get answered within a few of hours, in most cases much faster.

Value: $591

Accompany Your Entire Product Creation Process

Starting from the beginning, when you just get the first ideas about your product, over the entire product creation process and launch, until the end of launch day I will accompany you along the way and give you additional tips and tricks that helped me during my launch and that I haven't shared with anybody yet. This will give you a huge UNFAIR ADVANTAGE above anyone else joining the bootcamp.

Value: $1997

Access Of Your Choice To One Of My Products

My product Plugin Profit Black OPS did very well on WarriorPlus and got awarded Deal of the Day on September, 7th 2017. In April 2018 I've launched Launching Blueprint, which became a great success as well, and just a few weeks later, in May 2018 I've launched Private Label Rights Masterclass, my best selling product so far. You can choose any one of these products and you will get full access to the entire funnel, including all upsells.

Value: $258

Promote Your Product To My List

Once your product is finished and launch day will come, I will set up an entire promotion and promote your product to my entire list as well as to my 50k+ followers on social media. This bonus alone is already worth a small investment.

Value: $297

JV Mailing To My Affiliates For Your Launch

Knowing the right people, motivating them and leveraging their list to your advantage can make a great difference when launching a product. Especially when you're new to the business you might not have built up these connections, which could sometime make it difficult to bring affiliates on board. That's why I will sent out an email to my army of affiliates and make them aware of your upcoming launch. Already this could give your own product the initial boost that is needed.

Value: $297

I'll Create A High Ticket Offer For Your Backend

Everyone knows that the money is in the backend, this is the only way how product creators and afford to pay such high commissions through the entire funnel. Yet, the problem for people starting out with product creation is, that they usually don't have the time nor the experience to create their own high ticket offer that they can sell in the backend of their funnel. Hence they are using mid ticket affiliate offers and accept a commission between 40 and 50%.

With my bonus package I will create a high ticket offer, that you can sell in the backend of your funnel and make up to $2,000 per customer.


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