A couple of days ago I invested into a product called Quick Start Challenge 3.0 Revolution, and interactive coaching course that promises to transform your business within 28 days or less.

The course comes in 4 weekly coaching sessions that are divided as follows:

Week 1 : Laying The Foundations

This week is all about how to establish yourself online, whether you’re a total newbie or intermediate internet marketer.

Week 2: The Email List Engine

Week 2 is about the lead magnet, how to have one even without creating one yourself and how to give it away.

Week 3: The Traffic Tap

In this week’s session it will be all about traffic, whether it is free or paid traffic and how to turn the traffic tap on within 24 hours or less.

Week 4: The Automated ATM Machine

The last session will be about how to earn commissions online, how to automate that income and how to generate recurring commissions without creating anything yourself.

Quick Start Challenge 3.0

Reading the description of the 4 weekly sessions of Quick Start Challenge 3.0, it seems to be obvious what the training is about and especially that the first session will cover to set up a blog and get started posting.

And… Surprise, surprise… It was…

However, getting started with a blog seemed to be a challenge in itself for some people already. But due to the help of the community everyone has managed it easily.

On the other hand a few people, some of those who had a blog already, were a bit disappointed with the first session, as they said the course didn’t teach them anything new.

As it was just the first session and three more plus a bonus session will follow, I think we should only judge it by the end of all sessions.

Anyway, it made me think about the reasons why I usually buy products, and I’m not talking about any psychological triggers, hyped up products or persuading sales letters or any other factor influencing the purchase decision.

Luckily I am beyond the stage of falling for shiny objects and only purchase products that are falling in one of the following categories:

4 Reasons For A Purchase Decision

1. Put the product to use

The main reason why most of us will buy a product is that we either want to learn new techniques that are taught in a training or, in case of a software product. that we want to actually use the product as it can help us making our life easier.

2. Purchase because of offered bonuses

Another reason that shouldn’t be neglected is purchasing a product just to put our hands on bonuses that are offered together with the purchase through someone’s affiliate link. Sometimes you might not even be interested in the product itself, but because the value that you’ll receive from the bonus makes it a no-brainer. I have to confess that I once bought a product even twice, just to put my hands on some awesome bonuses offered by two different affiliates.

3. Testing the product before recommending it

The third reason is important if you are an affiliate marketer, as you want to test out a product before you decide to promote an affiliate product. Purchasing and testing a product yourself is the only way – at least if the product owner doesn’t give you a review copy – to ensure its quality and that your audience will benefit from it.

4. Learn from the product creator

And the last reason that came to my mind is to learn from the product creator with ‘reading between the lines‘. It’s not about the tips, tricks and techniques that are taught in the product itself, but in the way the product is sold. The way how the funnel is designed and what is offered as upsells and downsells. Which offers are promoted in the backend of the funnel and how is it done?


The above 4 reasons came to my mind as I thought about why I usually purchase a product. Is there some reason that made you buy a product besides your interest in the product itself? If so, please let us know in the comment box below.


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