As you know, generating traffic is the most important task for everyone who owns a website. And what is even more important is that you will be able to drive this traffic continuously.

But do you know how to steadily drive free traffic to your website?

Here are 9 hot strategies that help you to drive free traffic to your website:

How To Drive Free Traffic?

1. Ad Swaps

I mentioned already in one of my earlier posts that it is important to start building a list as early as possible. Besides all the other advantages a list will give you, the possibility of doing ad swaps with other list builders is another one. In an ad swap you basically send an advertisement to your list or a segment of it and your partner does the same for you with his list. Typically ad swaps are counted in clicks and start from 50 clicks onwards. However, sometimes you can find people willing to do ad swaps in smaller chunks as well.

To read more about ad swaps you might want to check a post by my friend Zoei Lee, How To Build An Email List Fast! Heard of Solo Ads and Ad Swaps?

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing is another strategy to drive free traffic to a website. In general, article marketing describes the process of publishing written content or articles on different websites with the target to raise awareness of a brand, product or service. Articles are a great way to establish credibility and authority in your targeted niche and can be published on various article directories or e-zine sites.

You can read more about article marketing on Nimrod Flores post, Driving Traffic to your Online Business through Article Marketing.

3. Blog Commenting

I am sure you did it already lots of times and if not you’ll have your chance in a minute, just leave me a comment below in the comments section. You see, that’s all what it is about blog commenting. But before you go ahead and write something like “Hey dude, awesome post. Visit mine!”, think a minute and leave a thoughtful reply. Blog comments are not just about dropping your link on another site to drive free traffic. They are also, and even more, about building credibility and authority through adding value to someone else’s post.

You might want to check Ryan Hanley’s post How to Blog Comment Your Way to Consistent Traffic Growth to learn more about how to drive free traffic with blog commenting.

4. Expert Interviews

Interviews of experts in your niche make great original content that people like to read, listen or watch. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a written interview, you also can consider recording a Skype call with the expert or do a video interview that you publish on your website. People not just love such content , they also like to link to it and share it with their peers. And on top of that, the person that you interview might share it as well with his people, which means additional traffic for you.

Rick Whithington has a nice post on Drive Traffic To Your Website By Interviewing Experts in Your Field on their blog.

5. Facebook Fan Page

With a Facebook Fan Page you can send lots of traffic to any website, but you need to know how to do it the best way. Just having that fan page out there and a couple of friends liking it won’t bring you anywhere. In fact it doesn;t work great at all when seeing that according to Facebook an average post on a brand reaches just about 16% of its fan base. But as with everything, you can get the most out of it if you know the game and play its rules.

Francisco Rosales has more about driving free traffic from Facebook fan pages on his post How to Turn Your Facebook Page Into an Insane Traffic Driving Machine

6. Forum Marketing

Forums are a great way to show your expertise to others and build your authority within a certain niche.  There are lots of niche related forums where you can have a profile for free and post quality content, help others solving their problems and add value to the community. Forums can bring in tons of free traffic if you just do it a few minutes a day, but consistently. And if you follow the few simple things Jens Berget laid out in 10 Ways to Drive Traffic From Forums To Your Blog? on shoutmeloud.

7. Guest Posting

Similar to article marketing, guest posting is, as the name suggests, publishing a piece of written content on someone else’s blog. There are 3 major factors how a guest blog can help you grow your business and drive free traffic to your websites. The main factor is that you can share your quality content with the community of another blogger’s audience and establish your own credibility. The second factor is the backlink to your website that you will get from within the resource box in this blog post. And the third factor, often overlooked but not less important, is the relationship that you build with other bloggers in your niche when adding value to their blogs.

Bryan Harris writes more about the strategy behind guest blogging in his post Expanded Guest Post: How to 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post.

8. Link Exchange

There was a time when link exchanges were working wonders in driving free traffic. But as more and more people used this technique to trick the system link exchanges are next to useless nowadays. However, links are still good, but you should know how you set them up. While links from link exchanges look absolutely unnatural, links within the content are a perfect example for natural linking. So rather than asking other bloggers for a link exchange, consider adding value to your own posts in linking to additional resources on other blogs. Start building relationships with other bloggers and over time they might start returning the favor and link back to your posts as well.

Yaro Starak has more on driving free traffic with link exchanges in his post The Death Of Link Exchanges.

9. Affiliate Traffic

Affiliate traffic is a very powerful way of driving free traffic to a website. But due to its nature you will need a product to sell in order to set this traffic strategy up. However, if you read my blog post on private label right products you can see that having a selling product up and running could be just a matter of days.

Now you might be inclined to think that affiliate traffic isn’t free as you are paying a commission to your affiliates. But don’t forget that you will pay only a certain percentage of the product’s price. Even if you are paying 100% commission on the frontend product to attract more affiliates and to keep the EPC high, you will benefit from adding buyers to your list as well as from sales of backend products.

Mark Salmon attended a webinar hosted by Alex Jeffrey’s and posted what Alex taught about how to drive free traffic with affiliates in his post The Traffic Attraction Model by Alex Jeffries.

Final Thoughts

Although you are not paying for any of these strategies above to drive free traffic to your sites, you shall not forget that it takes time, hard work and sweat until you see significant results.

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Now it’s your turn

What are the strategies you are using to drive free traffic to your website? Or do you need to know more about those strategies above? You might want to check the methods an ex factory worker used to drive 16,364 free targeted visitors to his website in just one day. Please let me know what you think and leave a comment below.


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