Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review by Shreya Banerjee

In the Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review I’ll have a look at Shreya Banerjee’s new product. It is a video training that teaches how to set up and run an affiliate blog to earn a passive income.

So what did I like about Affiliate Blogging Ninja:

1.) The training videos are easy to follow over the shoulder videos

2.) Shreya explains all the steps in every detail, making it easy for everyone to follow along

3.) She gives away a lot of great resources that will help with content creation and promotion

4.) Shreya’s method of planning and creating content will minimize the time needed to maintain your blog

Watch the Affiliate Blogging Ninja Review

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The main  training of Affiliate Blogging Ninja comes in 6 modules with 27 different videos. All the videos are over the shoulder videos so that you can see exactly what Shreya is doing and follow along.

Shreya walks you from the very basics, like how to get a domain, how to set up hosting and a blog over content creation, driving traffic and monetizing your affiliate blog.

She gives a lot of insights into the running an affiliate blog and offers great resources that can help everyone to maintain their blog easily in a minimum amount of time. Her way of creating content is amazing. She explains not only how she plans the content in advance, but also shares her technique on creating a month worth opf content within just 2 hours.

If you want to set up an affiliate blog, or you need to revive an old one, I strongly recommend to pick up Shreya’s Affiliate Blogging Ninja training.

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What are Affiliate Blogging Ninja One Time Offers?

OTO1 – $37

The first upsell is the Advance Vlogging Ninja Package. In this package Shreya is talking about how she uses videos for content production and explains her way how to create and record videos easily.

OTO2 – $14.95

As a downsell you are offered a PLR bundle with PLR articles in different niches which helps you to get started immediately with content creation.

OTO3 – $197

The third One Time Offer is a done for you package where Shreya and her team will do all the setup for you, including graphics and autoresponder integration.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Pros

I liked a lot how Shreya explains every detail in the different videos. She makes following the course so easy that it is suitable for everyone. Even a beginner who never used a blog before will be able to do it. But also the more experienced marketer will find many golden nuggets in the training videos.

You should pay attention in particular to the part where Shreya explains how she creates content for her blog. Her technique allows her to create a whole month full of content within just 2 hours.

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Cons

However, where there is light, there’s also always shade. And I would have liked if the training would come with some PDFs to download. A checklist and/or mind map could help to walk along and might make working with Affiliate Blogging Ninja so much easier.

But I got you covered here…

Affiliate Blogging Ninja Exclusive Bonuses

1. Affiliate Blogging Ninja Mind Map

I created an exclusive mind map for you to print out so that you can easily follow along when setting up your own affiliate blog.

Real Life Value: $17

2. Affiliate Blogging Ninja Checklist

If you prefer to walk along a checklist so that you don’t forget any of the important settings or set ups, I got you covered here as well.

Simply print out the checklist which comes as a PDF and mark everything as done while you walk along.

Real Life Value: $17


3. Affiliate Blogging Ninja Quick Start Guide

My Quick Start Guide will expand on the mind map and checklist and give you a more detailed reference with additional tips and links to other important online resources.

Real Life Value: $27

4. Google Case Study

My Google Case Study on how I managed to quadruple my blog traffic overnight in literally forcing Google to send more traffic. Applying this information could quadruple your blog traffic easily as well.

Real Life Value: $17


5. Set Up SSL on WordPress for Free

This PDF explains step by step how everyone can set up SSL on their WordPress sites without spending any money on SSL certificates or additional plugins.

Real Life Value: $17


All the bonuses can be accessed by sending proof of purchase to my email address [email protected] I will send you access to the downloads once I verified the purchase. Please allow up to 72 hours for an answer.

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Do you have any questions or comments? Just ask them below and I look forward to answering.

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