A while back I wrote already about affiliate commission theft in a blog post called how sneaky product creators might steal their affiliate’s commission.

And guess what?

I’ve made a similar experience again.

But different than described in my previous blog post, the vendors now made their offer free on WarriorPlus, just asking for an opt in as payment.

This way they will get a ton of new subscribers for free, while betraying all their affiliates.

How does this type of affiliate commission theft work?

How to protect yourself from affiliate commission theft?

As you could see, there are many ways sly product vendors could cheat their affiliates.

The only way to avoid any of them is to have complete control over your affiliate links and their target URL.

For this it is important to have one central place where you can manage all the redirects of your affiliate links. Just then you can easily change the target to any alternate URL.

The two tools I use and mentioned in the video are WP Link Shield and ClickMagick. Unfortunately WP Link Shield is not available anymore, but Link Master offers the same features.

ClickMagick is a SaaS solution which is much more powerful and offers many more features than Link Master. However, the WP plugin Link Master will be enough to fight affiliate commission theft.

Your Turn

Did you also come across any of these shady methods some product owners and fall victim of affiliate commission theft? Did you see other methods used? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. And if you think this post could help your friends to protect themselves, please consider sharing it on your social media sites.

    4 replies to "Affiliate Commission Theft: Protect Yourself From Canny Product Vendors"

    • Ryan Biddulph

      I dig the idea of being in control of your affiliate links Torsten. Definitely puts the power in your hands, which feels good. Thanks for sharing buddy and thanks for all the RTs on Twitter!


    • Shafi Khan

      The industry has been growing into a more scammy world and such cheap vendors are responsible for it.

      In the first place, they’ll promise you to gove highest commission and once you’ve set up everything and made few sales, they’d either lower the commission % or close the affiliate program.

      Having a central place to manage all the affiliate links and easily able to replace target URL is the easiest thing one can do.

      Thanks for sharing the amazing video and your experience.

      – Shafi


      Betrayal in affiliate marketing is a great loss to bloggers. I am promoting only a few products with the good reputation.

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