While doing my usual blog hopping routine this morning, I came across a blog post naming three different affiliate marketing drawbacks as a reason that could hinder you being successful in making money online.

To make a long story short and not reciting the whole article, here are the 3 affiliate marketing drawbacks quoted:

  1. Very Little Control Over The Sales Process
  2. No Quality Control
  3. The Product Vendor Keeps The Customer

Do these affiliate marketing drawbacks really exist or are there some solution for it?

Affiliate Marketing Drawbacks Solutions

Affiliate Marketing Drawbacks Fixed

Let us have a closer look at each of the mentioned problems above, analyze it and try to find a solution for it.

Very Little Control Over The Sales Process

Here’s what the original article says:

If the product vendor has not set up his sales funnel properly, this can result in a huge loss of revenue. In fact, quite a lot of marketers make most of their income from the secondary upsells.

There is some truth in this statement. As we all know, a properly designed sales funnel can lead the customer through an entire sales process with OTOs, upsells and downsells until he finally can receive the product from the download page.

If a sales funnel is missing on one or all of these parts, you as the affiliate marketer might not make as much revenue as you think you are supposed to make.

How to fix this?

It’s easy to fix this problem. Just grab your credit card, purchase the product and let the process walk you through the whole sales funnel. Pay attention to OTO offers, possible upsells as well as downsells.

If you like what you see, it’s fine. You might consider recommending the product to your audience. If you don’t like how the sales process is set up or maybe there is no funnel in place at all, you have different choices:

1. Don’t promote this affiliate product
This is always the easiest choice. You don’t have to promote the product. There are many other products out there that are set up in a better way and that will have you make revenue on backend sales as well.

2. Talk to the product vendor about your experience
Get in contact with the product vendor and tell him what you experienced and what you didn’t like that made you not to promote his offer. Maybe he wasn’t aware of this particular issue or didn’t know how to fix it due to less experience.

A conversation that you will start this way could lead to some great partnership. Just imagine where it could lead if the product owner doesn’t have any other product to offer in his sales funnel, but you do.


Here’s what my friend Sue Worthington posted a while ago on Google+ about her experience with an affiliate product she planned to promote. Do you think she would have found out without purchasing the product herself?


With just a small investment, usually between $5 and $17, you will be able to discover exactly how the sales process is set up and be able to avoid one of the affiliate marketing drawbacks.


No Quality Control

The article states that:

If you didn’t thoroughly research the product and its vendor, it’s quite likely that you could be redirecting your traffic to a scam, or a very low quality, ripoff product.

I know you might wonder now about this statement and read it twice. I did too…

If you are running into this affiliate marketing problem then you either didn’t do your homework or you didn’t read my post about how to find affiliate products to promote.

But it is easy to fix and goes hand in hand with the solution to #1 of the affiliate marketing drawbacks.

How to fix this?

As you bought the product in the first step, you now can put it to use. Read the ebook, watch the videos, listen to the audio files or use the software. Whatever it is, you want to know about the quality of a product that you are recommending to your audience.

However, if the product isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sell it. There’s nothing like perfection. But you could point out the problem when recommending the product and probably even offer a solution for it. Your audience will thank you for it.

Just as an example, on one of my Amazon affiliate sites I promoted an electronic device for girls that received more than 90% bad reviews on Amazon. As I got the product myself for my daughter and we tested it ourself, I found out that the problem wasn’t within the product, but with how people tried to install it. In my review I mentioned the bad customer reviews people will read on the Amazon site. I also said that these were not connected to the product itself, but to a mistake people did during installation and how to avoid it, so that their daughters can have all the fun playing.

Did this product sell? Like hot crossed buns…

The best and only way to know and judge its quality, is to use the product yourself. In most cases you will have to buy the product. In some other cases you might be able to ask or receive a review copy if you have an already established relationship with the product vendor.


The Product Vendor Keeps The Customer

The original author notes:

…you can’t create a buyers list when you’re an affiliate. All you do is get people on the product vendor’s buyers list – not your own.

Having a list of people who you can market to is one of the most essential parts in internet marketing and you can’t start building your list early enough. But not all lists are created equal and as a blogger or list builder you might end up with mostly freebie seeker or tire kickers. Those are the people subscribing to your list  but not willing to spend any money, just looking for the free information provided.

How to fix this?

While this might be the trickiest of all the mentioned affiliate marketing drawbacks, it can still be solved as well. There are a couple of ways how you can make sure that you build a buyers list although being an affiliate marketer.

One of the strategies that can be easily applied I share in my free guide “Buyers List Avalanche“, that explains the exact steps to take to build a buyers list without selling a single thing.

Another method I discussed just yesterday with my buddy Brian Oliver and here’s what he said:

Affiliate Marketing Drawback: Separating Buyers from Tire Kickers

So stay tuned for more to come…


Your turn

Did you ever run into any of these affiliate marketing drawbacks? If yes, what did you do about it? Are there any other affiliate marketing drawbacks you came across? How did you solve them. Let us know in the comment box below and discuss.


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