So yesterday we had this little discussion on Facebook where Ken complained about affiliate URLs being blacklisted by various spam checkers. The result: a high bounce rate and low click rates. As it turns out, he tried many affiliate link cloaker that did not help and asked: “What is the best link cloaker to buy in the moment?”

As many affiliate marketers might face the same problem, I decided to chip in and add my 2 cents…

The link cloaker I am using for such cases is WP Link Shield. It’s a link cloaking WordPress plugin, and here are the 3 main reasons why I prefer this solution above others.

Why is WP Link Shield the best link cloaker to buy?

1. Prevents Commission Loss

Whether someone just copies the de-cloaked link from the browser bar to open it in another browser, or shares it with a friend over social media or email. The result is that there’s no cookie in place, hence a lost sales for the affiliate.

WP Link Shield won’t show the de-cloaked affiliate link, which prevents the majority of commission loss through theft, browser switching or link sharing.


2. 100% Social Media Friendly

Facebook for example blocks all JVZoo URLs, no matter what domain they are on. If you try to post a link, even in a private message, a pop up will appear telling you that this URL is not allowed. When cloaking the link with most of the affiliate link cloaking software available, Facebook will follow them through to the final target. Once they detect one of the blocked domains within the route a warning message will pop up:

JVZoo Link Blocked by Facebook

The way how WP Link Shield cloaks the affiliate links prevents Facebook from recognizing the blocked JVZoo URL. The same is true for any other kind of spam checker that matches against a list of blacklisted domains.

You can try it easily yourself…

Just share this link on Facebook and see that it works perfectly. 😉


3. Blocks exit pop ups on external sales pages


Just think about the sneaky tricks product creators might use to steal your commission or subscribers. If you are not sure about it, but would like to recommend the product, then here’s your solution. WP Link Shield can block exit pop ups on these sales pages.


Update on WP Link Shield

Unfortunately WP Link Shield is not available anymore. The good news is, there’s a similar link cloaker called Link Master, that allows you to do the exact same things.


Your Turn

What do you think is the best link cloaker to buy in the moment? Are you using WP Link Shield or any other affiliate link cloaker? If so, please let us know which one and why in the comment section below. And if you believe this post could help some of your friends on social media sites, please consider sharing it with your followers.


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    • Mark Reed

      Thank You Torsten.
      Great tool to keep in the box.
      Appreciate the info

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