Are you struggling to build a buyers list?

I have been there too… A looong time I have struggled to get buyers on my lists…

Until I discovered a few ways to build a buyers list how it can be done easily.

What Is A Buyers List?

A buyers list is different from people who have subscribed to a list in order to receive an incentive. Often these people are hunting for free offers, hence they are also referred to as freebie seekers.

On the contrary, people on a buyers list have proven to own a credit card and also to be willing to use it to spend money online.

For product creators it is easy to build a buyers list, as they receive the customer details with the purchase.

However, also as an affiliate you can build a buyers list with using one or all of the following methods.

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How To Build A Buyers List?

Method 1:
Having people register before they can access their bonus download page.

I suppose you are offering bonuses with your promotions, right? If not, you should consider doing so, as it also increases your conversion rate.


Method 2:
At one point JVZoo started working with GetResponse – now it works also with Sendlane – to add buyers from affiliate promotions to one of your lists.

It works well, if you get the GetResponse account through JVZoo…

If you already have a GetResponse account, you can contact their support and ask to switch your account to single opt in, explaining what you are planning to do.

However, not all buyers will be added to your list… there’s a leak and about 15% of buyers will get lost somewhere in the process…


No one knows…

I saw JVZoo saying it’s not working correct on GetResponse’s side, and I saw GetResponse saying, the problem is on JVZoo’s side…

Whoever’s right, about 85%+ of your buyers will end up on the list you specify… And it’s better than zero, right?


Method 3:
Adding your incentive as a bonus to a product creator’s download page or membership area. This works like charm…

Although these subscribers didn’t necessarily buy through your affiliate promotion, you can be sure that they have proven to be buyers due to the location of your optin form…

I have described the whole process in a short report.

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Method 4:
This is a new method and it shows how to quickly build a list full of buyers...

I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't be shared this way before...

The entire method is described here.


Your Turn

What's your preferred method to build a buyers list? Are you using one of them described above? Please share your experience in the comment section below, and also feel free to share this post with your friends and followers if you think it could help them too.


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