You want your content indexed by Google, right?

According to a BrightEdge study 51% of all traffic comes from organic searches. Organic traffic is dominating all other non-organic traffic sources by far, including paid traffic (10%) and social traffic (5%).

As a matter of fact, if your content is not indexed by search engines you’ll risk to miss out on a big chunk of free traffic.

Of course, you might be relaxed and just wait until Google discovers your content naturally.

But you also can get active and help the search engines to discover and index your new content quickly.


4 steps to get your content indexed by Google quickly

Step 1: Visit Google Search Console

Head over to the Google Search Console. From there select your domain name. If you haven’t add and verified your domain with Google Search Console yet, here’s how it’s done.

Google Search Console


Click on “Crawl” to expand the menu and choose “Fetch as Google” from the sub menu.

Fetch as Google


Step 2: Fetch as Google

Enter the URL slug of the page you want to have indexed by Google. Then click the red “FETCH” button.


Crawl and Fetch as Google

Not sure what this is? Here’s the difference between Fetch as Google and Fetch and Render.


Step 3: Request Indexing

Once adding the URL is completed you can request Google to index the content. Simply click the “Request indexing” button.

Request Indexing



Step 4: Submit to Index

A pop up with a Captcha appears that will ask you to confirm that you aren’t a robot and present you two options:

  1. Crawl only this URL
    You want to choose this option if this content is new or updated. Google will crawl only this page. (There’s a limit of 500 URLs per month and Google Search Tools account)
  2. Crawl this URL and its direct links
    You want to choose this option if you made also other changes to your site and want Google to crawl the URL and all linked content. (There’s a limit of 10 recrawls per month and Google Search Tools account)

Confirm to be human and choose one of the crawl options. Then click the blue “OK” button to submit your content to the Google index.

Submit To Index


That’s it!

Although Google does not guarantee to index all submitted content, most often you can find your new content indexed within minutes.

The entire process to submit your URL and get your content indexed by Google takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

And there’s even a faster way… it takes less than 30 seconds…

Watch this short video and see how it’s done.


Is my site indexed in Google?

If you want to see if Google has indexed your site simply use the operator “info:” eg.

Alternatively you can use the operator “site:” e.g. to see all of your content indexed by Google.


Your Turn

Are you getting active and use this indexing tool to get Google to crawl your site or do you sit back an wait? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you think this post could help one of your friends please consider sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.


    5 replies to "How To Get Your Content Indexed By Google Super Fast"

    • Becky Willis

      This is such great information. I never realized I could check if my site was indexed by google by using the site: prefix to my url.

    • Greg

      Great information, Torsten! I didn’t know about this, either. I’m anxious to index my sites!



    • Joan Jablonski

      Good description on how to index your site. Some people just don’t realise the importance of indexing and SEO. Good read.

    • Bob Moore

      Hi Torsten,

      Thanks for this. Quite often I post content on my blog, and I wonder where it ends up. Not on Google, that’s for sure.

      I can see how this will be useful for any kind of content, especially video which is what I’m really looking to focus on.

      It seems as if it’s getting tougher and tougher to get content indexed. As I’m just getting my website/business off the ground, this is a huge help.

      This is something I don’t think too many people are aware of yet something everyone needs to know, especially those trying to get content ranked, and trust me, I’ve been trying for a long time.

      I’m looking forward to putting this into action.

      Thanks again,

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