If you have ever created your own product, or if you’re planning to do so, then you might know, that it isn’t always easy to come up with that one perfect product idea.

You know, the one that not only is an amazing product to sit on your shelf and show your expertise. But the one that also sells on the marketplace.

The difference between a product doing well or being a shelf warmer is not just the product itself.

It already starts with how you come up with an idea for the ideal product.

You could use the “guess” approach, and create a product in the field of your expertise, with the thought that people might be interested in.

This product might even make the occasional sale here and there, but overall it won’t necessarily doing well in terms of sales.

And then there is the more “scientific” approach.

For this you will do some research first.

You will find trends, discover what people struggle with and what they are looking for.

This will give you the perfect product idea that is applicable in your niche.

Doing this kind of research might sound like a big task. And of course, there’s some work involved.

But once you know the process, it will be as easy as counting 1,2,3.

And remember, great results come from great ideas.

Here are 8 idea generation techniques that will work in every niche.

And these ideas are not only great for creating products. They are also incredibly good for every other type of content, such as videos, blog posts, podcasts and more.

Now over to you: What is your method of coming up with a perfect product idea? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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