Yesterday I’ve picked up an amazing PLR package from Shelley Penney and Sorin Constantin, that I need to tell you about.

Shelley is a well known product creator in the graphics and video niche, while Sorin is a Top Udemy course instructor.

Both have teamed up and already released some amazing products together in the graphics niche, called Graphic Design Academy.

While Version 1 taught everything about Crello, Version 2 of their training course was all about Canva.

Graphic Design Academy Version 3, is no different. It shows in over the shoulder style videos how to create and edit graphics using a freely available software called DesignBold.

As I am planning on creating a graphic design course myself later this year, I’ve put my hands on it already. And I am glad I did.

Here’s what you’ll get:

➡️ Module #1: Graphic Design Academy V3 Video Course
➡️ Module #2: Graphic Design Academy V3 Transcripts
➡️ Module #3: Graphic Design Academy V3 Audio Course
➡️ Module #4: Graphic Design Academy V3 Sales Funnel
➡️ Module #5: Graphic Design Academy V3 Graphics
➡️ Module #6: Private Label Rights License

And as a fast action bonus for a limited time:

➡️ Graphic Design Academy V1 Crello
➡️ Graphic Design Academy V2 Canva
➡️ Free Report “7 Ways to Make Money With Graphic Design”
➡️ Lead capture and ebook delivery page
➡️ Expert Graphics Videos for Photoshop and GIMP (includes Master Resell Rights)

Graphic Design Academy Best Way To Use

The best way to use Graphic Design Academy…

So often I get asked “What is the best way to use a PLR product, such as Graphic Design Academy Version 3?”, and my answer is always different.

Sometimes I use the content as is. I rebrand it and sell it as my own to keep 100% of the profit.

Other times I use it as a bonus in one of my affiliate promotions.

And then there are times when I break down the content and use it for a blog post, an email series, or some social media posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Graphic Design Academy Version 3 I will just use as a starting point for my planned product later this year.

It makes creating your own product so much easier, because you have already some ideas where to start. And of course, all the research is done already as well. As a result you can create your own product so much faster.

If you’re not sure about how to use PLR in your own business, I have a training course called Private Label Rights Masterclass, that you can have access to if you decide to pick up Graphic Design Academy V3.

About Private Label Rights Masterclass…

Private Label Rights Masterclass has 7 different modules with more than 25 training videos that let you watch over my shoulder as I take a PLR product and turn it into an automated money making machine.

All you have to do is watch over my shoulder and repeat the single steps. Once you copy this I can guarantee you’ll have your own money making machine up and running in no time.

Just send a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and I will hook you up with access to Private Label Rights Masterclass.

Here’s the link to check it out. Any questions, let me know.

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