I’ve just received an email from Ryan Deiss.

And if you’re subscribed to his newsletter you might have received it the same.

In his email he talks about the top content marketing tools of 2019, and links to a blog with a review of these tools.

Did you get it?

If so, maybe you had a look as well.

I had a look at these tools, and for sure, all of these tools will help your content to be discovered.

But there is one question that is even more important:

Does your audience love this content?

Because if it is not

➡️ the right content
➡️ at the right time
➡️ at the right place

then it doesn’t matter how many eyeballs it will attract, right?

As a matter of fact I’ve just finished creating a quick PDF checklist/flowchart, or however you want to name it with the graphic below:


4-step Content Strategy

It’s a simple 4-step process that let’s you decide if your content is the right one for your audience or not.

However, the real juice is not in these questions. I even think they are more or less obvious, and you might think the same when seeing the original PDF.

But what is really putting butter next to the fish, if you can say so in English, is

➡️ where
➡️ how and
➡️ when

to find the answers to the questions quickly, and what to do with the results.

Because only then you save lots of time on trial and error, or hours of research.

The exact steps I’m going to reveal in a webinar on July, 9th at 10am EST…

Hop over an register for it, so that I can explain everything in detail…

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