No matter if you use Twitter to promote your business or just as fun pastime, using it with the web interface is just not possible. Luckily there are a bunch of Twitter tools out there that we can use to cut down all the noise and stay on top of everything and everyone really necessary to follow.

But what are the real powerful Twitter tools?

Here’s my personal list of favourite Twitter tools I am using regularly. They are simple to use, work smoothly and make using Twitter a fun experience. And the best, they all can be used for free.

5 Powerful Twitter Tools To Stop The Noise And Engage With Those Who Care

Here are 5 powerful Twitter tools, that can help you to manage your Twitter activities more easily and efficiently:

1. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is Twitter’s own Twitter management tool. TweetDeck is a desktop application that allows you to manage a numeber of accounts from one single interface, arrange various streams of interest in different columns, add filters and track hashtags or keywords. You can send retweets right from the dashboard with a click of a button or edit the tweet before retweeting. Tweets can be sent straight away or added to the queue for sending at a scheduled time.


Communit is a Twitter management tool that is more relationship oriented than status oriented. Its dashboard makes it easy to find relevant content from your influencers, engagers and those you care about. Replies, retweets as well as thank you and welcome messages can be sent right from the dashboard or be scheduled for publishing later with Buffer.

3. Buffer


With Buffer you can easily optimize the schedule of your Tweets. If you know the time when most of your Twitter followers are online you can add your tweets to the schedule and let Buffer do the work for you. Many social sharing tools offer a Buffer button to schedule your tweets. Also many other Twitter tools offer the option to queue your tweets with Buffer, e.g.

4. JustReTweet


JustReTweet si exactly what the name says. You can use this platform to send retweets for others and ask for to retweet your tweets in exchange. JustReTweet doesn’t work one-on-one, you will get rewarded with a certain amount of points for every retweet you send. You can spend these points to either attract other users to retweet your message or to follow your Twitter account.

5. StatusBrew


Unfollowers helps to discover people who aren’t following you, who unfollowed you or who are not active anymore. It makes it easy to spot those who just follow you in the hope that you’ll follow back and once you did they unfollow. Keeping an eye on those unfollowers keeps your stream a lot cleaner and cuts down a lot of irrelevant noise.

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Your Turn

Do you have any favourite Twitter tools? What are you using to manage and grow your Twitter followers? Please share your secret tips with us.


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