One of the most important parts in Internet Marketing is to drive as much traffic as possible to your landing pages. And while there are plenty of methods to drive traffic to a landing page, the fastest one is using paid traffic such as solo ads, Facebook ads or your own Pay Per Lead program.

What is a Pay Per Lead (PPL) program?

With running your own pay per lead program – also known as PPL – you will pay your affiliates a commission for every lead from certain countries they add to your list. Usually these are tier1 countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Opposite to solo ads, where you pay a fee for an agreed amount of clicks in advance, you will pay your affiliates of the PPL program after you have received the leads and only from countries you agreed on.

A script often used to run an own pay per lead program is List Profit Generator. To make it short, it basically cares for the proper affiliate tracking, country filtering as well as affiliate payout. If you want to learn more about it, you might want to watch this short List Profit Generator Review video on youtube.

The problem: Fake Traffic!

A problem one could face when running their own pay per lead program is people sending bad traffic. This is mostly fake traffic coming from bots or through proxy servers with the intention to increase leads and thus payouts.

Although this traffic won’t result in any form of engagement after the signup, it will still cost the program owner real money. And even worse, the autoresponder company could easily shut their account down.



The solution: Monitoring Traffic Quality

In order to prevent such traffic to enter your system it monitoring traffic quality is important. While this could be done manually, it would take a lot of precious time and knowledge to identify bad traffic. Even more than that, constant changes make it almost impossible for an individual to stay up to date.

Luckily there’s a software called ClickMagick that automates monitoring traffic quality and that is able to block bad traffic instantly.

ClickMagick is one of the most powerful link tracking and rotator tools available. However, naming all its benefits in tracking and rotating needs to be subject of a separate post. For the purpose of this post it is important to know about its possibilities in monitoring traffic quality and filtering bad clicks. If you are interested to know more about it you can explore ClickMagick here.

Using ClickMagick to monitor your List Profit Generator traffic

Now combining the two scripts List Profit Generator and ClickMagick could solve our problem, right?

The easiest way would be to route all traffic through ClickMagick before sending it to your pay per lead program.

Tracking Traffic Quality Using ClickMagick Before List Profit Generator

This solution has a couple of disadvantages.

  • You need to manually create a tracking link for every affiliate, already registered as well as new ones.
  • All registered affiliates will need to update their links to enable traffic monitoring
  • The pay per lead affiliate link will still work; means people with bad intentions can easily avoid the monitoring and send traffic directly to the PPL landing page.


The second option is to route all traffic through ClickMagick after it arrived on your landing page, but before processing it in your pay per lead program.

Monitoring Traffic Quality Using ClickMagick After List Profit Generator

The advantage of the second method is obvious:

  • No manual work involved to create separate tracking links for each affiliate.
  • All affiliates can keep sending traffic to their known PPL affiliate link.
  • Traffic monitoring can’t be avoided, even by someone with bad intentions.


Unfortunately there is no automated way to link the two scripts together, but after I made a few changes to the List Profit Generator script both work together smoothly. It just took 3 simple steps to have ClickMagick monitoring traffic quality:

  1. Prepare ClickMagick
  2. Make a few changes in LPG script
  3. Upload changes via FTP

Are you looking to monitor traffic quality and filter bad clicks in your pay per lead program and wonder how to set it up the right way?

I have prepared a short guide explaining the above 3 steps in more detail, so that it can be set up properly within minutes. I will add this guide as a bonus for everybody who either purchases ClickMagick or List Profit Generator through my affiliate link. Just get in touch after your purchase.

If you already own both scripts and want to have them work together in the above way, this guide is also available here.

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