Earlier today I asked the question on Twitter how people are tracking their links, and as the first votes came in, I was quite shocked about the results and how few people use conversion tracking software.

So far 33% of the people don’t track their links, another 17% just count the clicks, 33% use bit.ly or goo.gl, and only 17% use a conversion tracking software.

Although it is still early, it already shows a trend, and it is what I expected.

Most people don’t use proper tracking to measure their results.

As a matter of fact…

83% of them don’t use any tracking at all

Or in other words, they don’t know what they are doing

Because proper click and conversion tracking takes out all the guesswork to questions that “click counting” doesn’t have the answer to., like:

  • What post type gives you better results?
  • Which social network is more responsive to your content?
  • Which squeeze page has the better conversion rate?
  • And so many more…


If you can’t answer the above questions for any of your links, then it’s time to get your conversion tracking software in place!

In another blog post I mentioned already how important tracking is for the success of your social media campaigns, and everyone who commented agreed with me:
Conversion tracking is the most crucial parts in any online business.


If you’re serious about losing weight, then you hop at least once a day on the scale to watch your weight, rather than just counting munched chocolate bars and ice cream scoops…

Yet, when it comes to their business, 80% of people seem to only measure that!

So, how to get started with conversion tracking?

WP Conversion Tracker

Tracking your conversions is easier than you might think, it’s a simple 3 step process.

  1. Install a plugin to track conversions
  2. Create your tracking link
  3. Add the conversion tracking script in your pages header section


Over to you

How are you tracking your links? Do you simple check the click stats on your link shortener, or do you use a conversion tracking software? Let us know in the comments below what you think is the best solution and why.


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