There’s a lot of confusion about the Private Label Rights meaning as well as how it compares to other license models. So I’d like to shed some light on what Private Label Rights are, and how you can use them in your own business successfully.

Before we look deeper at the Private Label Rights license, also called PLR license, let us have a look at some other licensing models that are available.

For this we have a look at:

▶️ Resell Rights
▶️ Master Resell Rights
▶️ Private Label Rights

Resell Rights

Let us get started with Resell Rights products first, as this one is the strictest one as for what you can do with it.

First of all, and as the name already suggests, you can resell this product to your customers. However, you aren’t allowed to make any changes, so you need to deliver the product as is.

Advantage of using Resell Rights Products

Resell Rights products will allow you to quickly flip a product and sell it to your customers. As you’re not allowed to make any changes, you don’t need to worry about having a unique product or being different to what everyone else sells who purchased the same rights to it.

You could easily put a buy button on it and send out an email to your list. In this email, you mention that you have purchased this product for several reasons. Because you think that they could benefit from this product as well, you purchased the Resell Rights to it to make it available to your customers too.

Disadvantage of using Resell Rights Products

Although you can resell the product, you won’t find much help in promoting it for you. Affiliates or JV partners will know that this is a Resell Rights Product and won’t send any traffic to help you out.

Also, some of the marketplaces won’t allow you to add this product and show it on their marketplace. You might have it as a private listing though and use them to process payments. Using a direct PayPal or Stripe link will reduce your cost.

The creator of the Resell Rights product could have added affiliate links to the final product, which you will not be able to change either. Means the original creator could make money from each of your customers without you benefiting from it.

Master Resell Rights

Similar to Resell Rights products are Master Resell Rights products.

Also here you aren’t allowed to make any changes to the product, and you need to sell it as it is. One difference though, rather than just selling the product, you also can sell Resell Rights to it. This means your customers can again resell the product to their customers.

Advantage of using Master Resell Rights Products

Like with Resell Rights products, you could easily turn it to make a quick buck in reselling the product to your list. As you have the Master Resell Rights, and you’re allowed to sell the Resell Rights to it as well, you could use this as a One Time Offer for a higher price as an upsell.

Disadvantage of using Master Resell Rights Products

As Master Resell Rights products and Resell Rights products are not that much different, the disadvantages are the same. You will run into restrictions when setting it up on marketplaces, and affiliates or JV partners won’t be attracted to help out in launching it.

There are also no changes regarding possible links within the original product. Those will still be unedited, and possible affiliate commissions will go towards the original product creator.

Private Label Rights

So let us have a look at the Private Label Rights license now, which will allow you to do almost everything with the original product. This means you can edit it, rename it, rewrite it. Basically you’re allowed to do almost anything you wish to do to it.

However, as all licenses are different, and defined by the creator of the product, it is always necessary to check the license file that comes with the product.

In such a license file the creator could for example state that you are not allowed to give this product away for free, that you need to sell it at a certain price tag, or that you are not allowed to sell it on a specific marketplace.

This is usually done to keep the value of the product high, and to protect other customers who purchased this product, as well as the original product creator from too much competition.

Advantage of using Private Label Rights Products

The clear advantage of Private Label Rights products is that you can change it in any way you want. You can’t just add your name on the sales page, you can also rebrand the entire product and make it your own.

It is important to take a few steps to make this product unique and being different from the one everyone else might be releasing in the future because they have purchased the same rights to the same product.

The least steps you need to take in order to get a unique product is to:

  1. Rename the product
    Give your unique product a new name. Make it somewhat catchy so that it attracts attention, but don’t use any hype. I always vouch for a name that reveals what the product is about, rather than using anything generic.
  2. Rebrand the graphics
    You can quickly rebrand the graphics and create your own. There are just a few steps to take, to come up with a new logo, new eCovers and also website graphics. If everything else fails, you can always outsource it to an expert.
  3. Rewrite the content
    Especially if we’re talking about written content, editing is quite easy. You can simply fire up your preferred text editor or use Google Docs to edit the original document and add your own twist and experience to it.
  4. Rebrand the video
    Rebranding PLR videos might be the most challenging of all the steps you need to take when making your product unique. But using a few tips and tricks it can be done easily.
  5. Create your own sales copy
    When talking about sales copy, the best way to make it unique is to create your own. Start from scratch and write your own copy following the AIDA formula (Attention, Desire, Interest, Action.)

Disadvantage of using Private Label Rights Products

The biggest obstacle people run into when purchasing PLR products is to not take action on them and make them their own.

In many cases they only try to flip these products for a quick buck, just to realize that without proper rebranding they won’t have much luck with it.

In other cases, these products get stored on the hard drive, being forgotten about after a while, and collecting dust.

You can easily avoid these obstacles in taking action on your purchase and create your own product out of it. I did this a few times already and it never failed. I documented the steps in a form of case study with over-the-shoulder style videos, that show how I took a $22 PLR product and turned it onto 4-figures in less than a week.

Private Label Rights Meaning Video

How to use Private Label Rights in your Business

There are many ways how you can take advantage of using Private Label Rights products in your business. You might want to use PLR products as a lead magnet to build your list, you could use them to fill up your membership site or to add as a bonus to your affiliate promotions. And as said earlier, you can even create your own products out of it, whether these are used as front end products, upsells in your funnels, mid ticket or high ticket offers.


Your turn

Did you grasp the Private Label Rights meaning, and do you make use of Private Label rights in your business? Please share with us in the comments below and let’s discuss.

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