So you are looking to make money online and you come across a technique that is known as the product launch jacking method. Launch jacking seems to be a great and profitable way to make money off a website.

However, if you are just thinking of starting your affiliate marketing career or you are at the very beginning of it, I can give you only one suggestion:
Run every time someone suggests you this method.


What is a product launch?

Whenever a new product is first released to the marketplace it is called a product launch. For a limited amount of time, usually 5 to 7 days, the new product is available at a special price, and many affiliates hop on board to promote it.

Product launches often go together with an affiliate launch contest, where affiliates with the most sales can win a prize. Such an affiliate contest will make participation in the promotion even more attractive.


What is product launch jacking?

Now that you know what a product launch is, let us have a look at what is launch jacking

In a nutshell, product launch jacking is taking advantage to the buzz that is created around a new product. Then the launch jacker ‘hijacks‘ as much traffic as possible and redirects it to a review site in order to make affiliate commissions.


The product launch jacking method in detail

There are a few different jacking techniques, so please let me explain in a basic example how product launch jacking usually works:

Step 1: Find a product to promote

There are many product launch calendars around where you can find upcoming product launches. Some of the more popular ones are JVNotifyPro, MunchEye or Warrior JV. In these product launch calendars you can find upcoming product launches often already months ahead from different affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Warrior+ or JVZoo.

Step 2: Buy a domain name

After you decided for a product, you register a new domain name. Typically you would want to use the product name as a domain name. If this is not available in any of the top level domains, you can use a suffix such as “review” or a prefix like “buy”.

For example you want to promote a product called “My awesome new product” which will be available at

So you’d try to register either or

If none of these are available you’d go for or or something similar.

Step 3: Set up a website

Once your domain is ordered, you set up a website. In most cases such websites have only a few posts that can be written fast.

Typically these posts give some info about the product and its features, about the product creator and review the product in another post.

Step 4: Create as many backlinks as possible

Now as you have some content you need to create as many backlinks to your site as possible. You can use a software that can do this for you automatically, such as GSA Search Engine Ranker.

If you don’t have such a software you might want to use some fiverr services to get the job done.


Now, does the product launch jacking method work?

It does! People make a ton of money from jacking product launches, especially when the rank their site within the top 3 of the Google search results.

During the launch phase they can expect a lot of traffic. And because it’s “pre-qualified traffic” from people doing research after they received a product recommendation in their email, it easily converts into sales.


If it’s profitable, why to stay away from product launch jacking?

As I mentioned above, if your relatively new to affiliate marketing and someone suggest to use launch jacking as a technique, better run!

And here’s why…

In several posts I have written about the importance of knowing the product you recommend to your audience. To know a product you usually need to buy and test the product yourself before you can write a review or send out emails.

When it comes to product launches it’s usually different, as you can’t purchase the product before it is on the market place.

If you have an established relationship to the product creator, or you are a well known affiliate marketer, you might get hold of a review copy long before the product will be launched. Then you can base your content on this copy.

But as a new affiliate marketer without any relationships and background you won’t get a review copy that easily. This means you will need to rely on the statements made on the sales page preview and the JV page only, to base your review on.

As a result, the content you create for your product launch jacking site won’t be an honest review at all. Just to not call it a fake review.


There are two losers in this product launch jacking strategy.

In the short run it’s the user who purchases a product through the fake recommendation.

And in the long run it’s the launch jacker. Don’t expect people who were tricked once to buy a hyped up product to come back and purchase again through your recommendation.


What can you do instead?

There are other strategies that are suitable for everyone, newbie and experience marketers alike. These strategies will let you build a long term relationship with your audience to make sales over and over again.


Your Turn

Did you ever use product launch jacking as one of your methods to make money online? If so, what’s your experience with it? Please comment below, and if you liked this post please consider sharing it with your friends and followers to avoid them doing this mistake as well.

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