Compared to written content, rebranding PLR videos can be quite challenging.

Instead of being able to shuffle paragraphs around, re-order sentences or rewriting some text, you have to deal with one big file of video and audio content, that doesn’t allow too much manipulation.

So, in order to make a PLR video training course unique, you will need to find a way around these obstacles.

Of course, you could always fire up your video editor and re-create the entire training, right? But then you could have done this already in the first place without the need to purchase this set of PLR training videos.

I suppose one of the reasons that you purchased a video training course that comes with PLR rights is to save time on creating your own product.

On the other hand, you don’t want to release this product as is. This is what everyone else will do, and you know that this will never work…

Like rebranding graphics, you want to make sure that your final product is different from those everyone else releases who have purchased the same PLR training videos.

Tweaks to Rebranding PLR Videos

  1. You want to make your final product unique
  2. You want to make your final product your own
  3. You want to give additional value to your customers

Once you complete the 3 simple steps above, you will have a truly unique product, that is different from all the others, and that you can easily put out on the marketplace to sell.

My training course PLR for Noobs – Rebranding PLR Videos shows in 7 different videos the steps you need to take to make these PLR training courses your own, without spending a lot of time or breaking your piggy bank.


You Turn

Are you using PLR material in your business? If so, what are you doing to make it unique? Are you rebranding PLR videos? Do you create your own sales letter? Are you giving your rebranded product a new name? Let us know in the comments below.



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