I’m sick and tired of seeing people being taught they could make a living on selling 7 dollar products, yet almost every single course or training teaches it.

The truth is: It’s bullshit!

You can’t make a living on selling 7 dollar products alone. Period!

Do the math and calculate how many of those 7 dollar products you have to sell just to cover your monthly expenses.

If you’re like me, you’ll realize even 100 sales a week won’t be enough.

Now I’m not saying that everything you have been told were lies. But it wasn’t the entire truth either.

Behind The Scenes Of Selling 7 Dollar Products

Let me give you a real life example:

Twice, sometimes even three times per day, young boys pass our house to distribute some leaflets of local shops. By the end of the day our mailbox is filled to overflowing with advertisements.

I’m sure it’s no different in your area and you know what I am talking about, right?

This form of advertising makes sense for the companies as their weekly offers draw new and repeated customers into their shops.

And those customers don’t just buy what was offered in the leaflet. They usually leave the shop with the trolley half full at least.

The result: The companies attract customers to their shops. The customers save some money on their purchase. And the poor young boys make some pocket money to invite their crush for ice cream next Sunday.

By now you can see the evil truth in this scenario, right?

If not, let’s translate it into the internet marketing world:

  1. Companies (product owners) get the word out about their offer
  2. Customers save money with an inexpensive purchase
  3. Paper boys (affiliates) deliver the advertisement for a compensation

If everything is set up right, the product owners will have additional low ticket or mid ticket offers in their funnel, for which they pay a certain percentage in commission to the affiliate as well.

And they usually make backend profits with monetizing their download pages or membership sites through high ticket offers or coaching programs.

How To Get Away From Selling 7 Dollar Products

So, how can you escape that rat race of selling 7 dollar products?

Simply with adding high ticket offers to your mix of products.

High ticket offers are products in the range of $1,000 and above, that will pay a commission of $800 to $1,000 per sale.

Imagine, just one single sale of a high ticket product will outperform a whole week of promoting the lower priced tripwire.

How I do it?

With just one simple twist, that takes me literally 2 minutes to set up.

Let me show it to you in this free video.


Your Turn

Are you still selling 7 dollar products only, or do you use higher priced offers as well? Please share your own experience in the comments box below, and also consider sharing this post with your friends and followers if you think it could open their eyes as well.


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