So you wonder why a product you are promoting is after a while not converting anymore? Did it ever come to your mind that the product owner might simply steal commission?

Don’t get the wrong idea here, most product vendors are honest and ethical people…

But as everywhere, you’ll always find some black sheep in the family. So I want you to watch out for some of the shady methods I came across, and I want to let you know what to be aware of when promoting affiliate products.


Sneaky tricks to steal commission:

1. Sales page changed to affiliate promotion

In this scenario the product owner stops selling their product.

But rather than taking the page offline or deleting the order button, they simply edit the page to an affiliate promotion of their own.

While you continue promoting, they make affiliate commissions from you sending free traffic.

2. Payment processor changed

In this case the product is still for sale, but the payment processor changed to a different one.

Means you are sending traffic to a sales page through JVZoo for example, but the order link goes to Warrior+ or even PayPal.

This sneaky trick is extremely hard to spot if you don’t pay close attention.

And again, the product seller makes the sale from free traffic without sharing the commission.

3. Stealing your subscribers

Many product owners have an exit script running to offer a freebie for those who leave the site without purchase, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

While an ethical marketer continues to promote their product to the list through a raw link, you will still get credited for the sale and earn commission.

But it gets dirty once product owners promote their product through their own affiliate link and actually steal commission.


Another, similar method is offering a discount in an exit pop up, which will lead to a sales page with a discounted price.

It looks like there’s nothing wrong with it, but instead of using the same sales processor and credit the affiliate, the payment suddenly goes straight through PayPal.

It’s easy to offer a 20% discount when you know you steal commission of 50% commission from your affiliates.

How to disable an exit pop up?

Check out Link Master
(an alternative to WP Link Shield)

How to make sure you’ll be credited for the sale?

My buddy Kevin Fahey reminded me of this after reading the post, so here’s a tip on how you can make sure that you will earn you commission for the sale.

If you’re in doubt that everything goes smoothly, just click your own affiliate link. Then click the order button on the sales page. If everything is ok you can find your Affiliate ID with most affiliate networks somewhere on the bottom of the checkout page like in the image below.

Affiliate ID on Checkout Page

Why I am telling you this?

Because I want you to protect yourself and watch out for some of the shady methods I came across.


Your Turn

Did you already come across any of these shady methods some product owners use to steal commission? Did you see other methods used? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, and if you think this post could help your friends to protect themselves, please consider sharing it on your social media sites.


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    • Lucinda

      Excellent Article Torsten, I had always wondered why I hadn’t been credited for sales before, I will make sure I look out for this in the future.

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