Solo Ads are dead! Well, at least kind of. And if they are not, then they are at least that much comatose, that you should stop buying solo ads as well right now.

You see, before I stopped purchasing them back in 2013, I bought a lot of solo ads. And I also made some good money from selling them as a solo ad vendor. My reputation was good. And I got great testimonials, because people received high quality traffic, that resulted in leads as well as in sales.

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However, by the end of 2013 I stopped dealing with solo ads completely, and focused on different ways to drive traffic to my sites for a couple of reasons:

Reason #3: Low Quality Traffic

Almost all solo ad vendors advertise their traffic to be 75%+ from tier 1 countries. This means traffic coming from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Some people also include Ireland in this list.

Traffic from tier 1 countries is said to transform better into sales, as people from these countries are more willing to spend money online and usually either have a PayPal account or a credit card on hand.

When checking the stats after all ordered clicks are received, you can often realize that the real traffic is far below the adverted 75%. If it would be close to it, there would be nothing to complain. But in the worst case I received less than 10 tier 1 traffic from a 100 clicks solo ad sold by a so called top seller in the industry.


Reason #2: Freebie Seekers

Sure, not everyone will turn into a buyer on your list straight away once you buy clicks. But be prepared that from most solo ads you will never make a sale. Not right now, and not in future.


Because these people aren’t even trained to pull their credit card and make a purchase. They are literally on a thousand lists, and most probably will join another thousand by the end of the year.

These subscribers are trained to enter their email addresses into the form on a squeeze page, just in the hope to get some information for free others are spending 10 bucks on.


Reason #1: Fake Traffic

The biggest of all reasons to stop buying solo ads is fake traffic. This is traffic coming either from bots, which is the worst, or from other illegitimate traffic sources.

Solo ad traffic is meant to be email traffic. Nevertheless you always can find the clever guys who post their tracking links into forums, use it in safelists, or just send exit traffic. Any of these traffic sources are crap and won’t perform on your offers. Period.

Nevertheless, you can even find paid solo ad courses teaching their students how to get more and faster results with using one or more of these techniques.

This is cheating… No, it’s even crime. Because those ad vendors steal other people’s hard earned money!


The main reason you are in this business is to make money right?

So stop wasting it on traffic that is already dead before it hits your squeeze page. Use other traffic sources instead, whether they are free or paid. When done right, the results will always outperform what you are used to from your solo ads campaigns.

Stop buying solo ads and move on to alternative traffic sources now.


Your Turn

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