The George Method Review: Buyers List BoomAre you sick and tired of all the freebie seekers populating your email list and wonder how you can regularly add fresh buyers instead? Today I want to give my honest The George Method review, a product that teaches a unique approach on how to create a buyer’s list.


Three reasons speak for The George Method:

1.) It doesn’t ask for any investment, so you can easily start with a budget of 0.

2.) The over the shoulder videos walk you step by step through the whole process, so that everyone can easily follow along and replicate what Jon explains.

3.) The method can easily be scaled up to achieve higher results

And the best: The method Jon shares in his latest product, and what he calls The George Method, is quite unique, I haven’t seen it shared by anyone else before. So if you jump on board now, you’ll make sure to be one of the first to apply this method to build your buyers list.

Watch The George Method Review to see how to boom your buyers list:

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Here are the points I like the most in this product:

  1. The method can be applied by anyone, whether they have already some experience or not.
  2. It doesn’t need a lot of time to use this method, in fact you are most probably doing it already without knowing, so a small change in your daily routine might be enough to switch to The George Method.
  3. There is no additional investment required.
  4. The method can be easily ramped up.
  5. It is a case study with instructional videos, so you not only see the live proof that the method works, but you also can watch over Jon’s shoulders and see every single step how he uses this method.

The training comes in 8 video modules, so that you can see exactly what Jon does and follow along. The modules are also available in an audio version, if you want to listen to them on an MP3 player, or as a PDF document, if you prefer to read.

However, in my The George Method review I focused on the video training, as I find watching over Jon’s shoulder is the easiest way to learn and digest this method.

I think this training is easy to follow for everyone, expert or newbie alike. This product is something that you can pick up and use immediately without adding any extra time to your daily routine.

But before you jump over to purchase The George Method, let me give you a fast overview on the OTOs. Here’s what you can expect if you decide to purchase one, or both of the OTOs.

OTO 1 – $15

One time offer 1 is “Emails That Convert“. It consists of two examples and a detailed explanation of the exact psychology behind the layout and phrases to be used for highest conversions. These examples can be very valuable to write your own emails that convert.

OTO 2 – $20

Upsell number 2 are “IM How To Videos“. These videos cover topics such as Autoresponders, WordPress, different affiliate platforms, domain names and hosting, FTP or SEO. They are a great resource for people who need help with different technical aspects of Internet Marketing.

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