In the last week or so I received a couple of emails from subscribers asking me why I didn’t recommend buying Rapid Mailer during its launch and while it was still available for almost half of the price. As my answer to this question is always the same I decided to write a short post and let you know about my reasons for it.

The main reason why I didn’t recommend Rapid Mailer is that I felt it just isn’t for you. This doesn’t mean that I think Rapid Mailer isn’t any good. In fact I think Rapid Mailer can be a great alternative to all the commercial autoresponder services out there.  But you need to know what you are doing as there are three major things you should be aware of when hosting your own autoresponder.

#1 Reason Not To Recommend Rapid Mailer

There are much more things going on behind the scenes than just having a piece of software installed that communicates with your mail server. Handling of spam complaints, blacklist management, bounce management or IP seasoning are just a couple of things you will need to take care of.

In the following video Chris Wheeler, the Technical Program Manager of Amazon SES gives a few insights of what is happening in the background of an email delivery service.


Here’s again what you will need to take care of when using a own hosted autoresponder solution such as Rapid Mailer:

  • IP Seasoning
  • Feedback Loops
  • DKIM
  • Bounce Management
  • Blacklist Management
  • 3rd Party Server
  • Spam complaints

#2 Reason Not To Recommend Rapid Mailer

All hosting services have a mail policy in place that won’t allow you to send more than a specific amount of emails per hour. How many emails one is allowed to send depends on their hosting provider. Hostgator for example allows to send up to 500 emails per hour, other hosting providers have even smaller limits, sometimes as low as 100 mails per hour. On top of that Hostgator allows on their shared servers only mailing list with a maximum of 5,000 double opt-in subscribers.

And please pay attention to double opt-in. The fact that Rapid Mailer supports single opt-in doesn’t mean that you will be allowed to use this feature with your hosting partner.

While you might be tempted to think that they won’t find out, believe me they will. I’ve been there. After just a few mailings I received an email from hostgator asking me to slow down.

Hostgator Email Rapid Mailer

Attached to this email I found various log files of my activities as well as a questionnaire to answer within 48 hours in order to prevent my hosting account from being suspended.

Still I believe if I wouldn’t have had an aged account of 10+ years with them I would have been suspended right away.

As I could prove with my log files etc that everything was legit, it didn’t get me into any trouble. However, I was forced to move the mailing list to a virtual private server rather than continue using the shared hosting account.

When looking at the monetary site, the VPS had set me back $50 per month. A price tag you can have a 5k list with AWeber. Just remember, in this case AWeber takes care of all the technical stuff listed above.

#3 Reason Not To Recommend Rapid Mailer

Now you might say that there are 3rd party email services that you could use to send your emails. While this true, it is also a fact that most if not all of the 3rd party email delivery services don’t like you sending marketing emails and in many cases your account will be faster shut down than you managed to open it. This is especially the case for Amazon SES.

Also you shouldn’t forget that you won’t get this 3rd party email sender for free and that you will have to pay for their service too, although they look much cheaper on first sight.

Mailjet for example offers 6,000 free emails per month, they will charge $74.95 per month when sending 120,000 emails. It might seem a lot, but in fact this is one email a day to a list of only 4,000 subscribers. When you check AWeber’s pricing plans you will find that they are charging $49 for a list of 4,000 subscribers, even if you mail them sometimes twice a day.

Bonus Why Not To Recommend Rapid Mailer

Besides the 3 reasons mentioned above there is one more thing – let’s call it a bonus reason – that caught my attention. When you register as an affiliate for Rapid Mailer, but also their promotional emails, are sent through Aweber’s autoresponder service. Now, do you feel it to be a good recommendation when even the owners don’t use their own product?

Would you eat in a restaurant where the chef refuses to eat his own meal but prefers the one from the competitor?


So let’s come back to the question why I didn’t recommend Rapid Mailer during its launch. As the majority of my subscribers are new to Internet Marketing I didn’t feel that one of them could benefit from Rapid Mailer. In fact it could have even more downsides for them and draw their attention away from the more necessary things like building a list and growing their business.

Due to my own promise to not promote every other shiny object but only to recommend products that will help my subscribers moving forward, I didn’t mention the launch of Rapid Mailer in a single email. However, if you feel that you missed something and that Rapid Mailer could be an alternative to your commercial autoresponder service, feel free to go for it. At least I warned you about its disadvantages.

Your turn

Do you think it is worth the hassle dealing with a self-hosted autoresponder solution or do you use one of the autoresponder services like AWeber or GetResponse? Please let us know your experience and feel free to share this post with your social community.

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