TrueTwit? True what? TrueTwat!

If you are around Twitter for a bit more than a day and appreciate the use of this social networking tool, than chances are high that you came across at least one automated direct message saying something like ‘xyz uses TrueTwit Validation Service. To validate click here:‘.

What is TrueTwit Validation Service?

TrueTwit states on their homepage that

TrueTwit is designed to help you: Verify people from robots, avoid twitter spam, save time managing your followers.

Now, whenever one of their monitored accounts gets a new follower TrueTwit will send an automated direct message asking them to go through a captcha verification process to confirm they are humans and not bots.

Does TrueTwit identify a spammer?

Not at all. It only verifies that someone was bothered, bored enough or had for any other reason too much time on their hand to waste it and fill in a captcha. But the TrueTwit followers validation does not prevent this verified human sending spam messages afterwards, nor does it prevent clever bots using a captcha breaker and successfully complete the verification process.

The only thing it surely does, it annoys your new followers!

Is TrueTwit spam?

TrueTwit says it helps to reduce spam with validating your followers and separating humans from bots by sending them an automated direct message asking to verify that your followers are humans.

Let us have a look at Twitter’s definition of spam.

Spam can be generally described as unsolicited, repeated actions that negatively impact other users.

Wait, let us read that again…

Unsolicited, repeated action? Isn’t this exactly what TrueTwit does constantly to actually promote their own business?  With 184,602 active members having a TrueTwit account by the time of writing this post they must be sending unsolicited messages in millions per day.

More than that they are using the accounts of their members to spread their unsolicited messages in masses, thus making them abettors in spreading what they actually promise to fight.


Considering that TrueTwit states on their homepage “Twitter spam is drag“, but at the same time spreads their unsolicited business message in millions with their members’ support, makes TrueTwit validation service drag queen of Twitter spam.

How to remove TrueTwit?

As TrueTwit states in their FAQs, it is easy to cancel your account. You only have to log in to your account and click the cancel button. However, to be on the safe side, I’d suggest to also revoke access to their app in your Twitter settings.

Log in to your Twitter account. Then go to your settings and manage the apps that you have given access. Scroll down until you see the TrueTwit app and click the button labeled ‘Revoke access’.

Some more opinions on TrueTwit validation

Your turn

What’s your experience on the TrueTwit validation service? Do you use it or do you find it as annoying as I do? Please share your experience in the comments below.


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    • John

      Every time I get a truetwit DM I go to the user’s page, unfollow them, and block them.

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