Yesterday I decided to take a day off and spend the day with the family.

I worked quite a lot the weeks before, even weekends, hence I didn’t spend a lot of time with them.

So yesterday morning after breakfast we jumped in the car and drove off to a fun park.

Not one of these big ones with lots of roller coasters and stuff.

It’s a small family park with lots of attractions for smaller kids, such as pony riding, petting zoo. Side effect: now my daughter would love to have a mini goat.

But also small rides such as a mini roller coaster, a railway, small helicopters on a rail that work when you kick in the pedals.

The interesting thing, lots of these attractions only work if you do, means they have pedals or ropes, and you need to move yourself forward.

So it’s nothing dangerous there, and even smaller kids can easily run around and enjoy themselves, while parents relax on one of the many sunbeds, in the BBQ areas, or with a round of miniature golf.

Now each time you go there, and I know this park already from the time when I was a kid, this park is full of people, who enjoy their day in the confidence that their kids are entertained and safe the entire day.

You can’t do this in bigger parks such as Disneyland or Thorpe Park, can you?

But what did it teach me about business?

Look, the family who opened the park, originally farmers, saw the need for young families with children to have a safe place for some leisure time.

They then started on their farm with nothing more than a small petting zoo already decades ago to test the market.

And quickly they expanded and developed it into a full-blown business with about 150 attractions and lots of employees.

Basically this family

  • discovered that young families have a problem
  • offered their “small” solution to see if people like it
  • tested if these people are willing to pay money for it
  • expanded it into the business they have today

And this exact 4-step formula does not only work offline, you can also apply the same 4-steps to your online business.

    2 replies to "What A Walk In The Park Taught Me About Business?"

    • Lisa Sicard

      Hi Torsten,
      I love this one! Those 4 points are critical and I don’t use them enough in my own marketing what I do to help people. I simply help people save time with their social media. I need to expound upon that. It’s funny how you can read something and how it just clicks! Thank you for this story. It sounds like you had a fun day ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Torsten

        Hi Lisa,
        thank you for stopping by. Indeed, the day was fun and entertaining for the kids, but at the same time relaxing for us parents.
        You’re right, it is important to cover these 4 points. And if you add “Being evergreen” as the 5th point to it, you will surely have a winner. I think you can easily apply this to your Social Media business.
        Have a great day, Lisa. ๐Ÿ™‚

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