While I was going through some old stuff in the attic, I came across these LEGOs that I played with as a boy.

Lego on Christmas in 1967I even found a picture taken on Christmas in 1967, when I received the Lego set as a Christmas present, and played with them. Don’t chuckle, the picture is more than 50 years old now… 😉

As I looked at the Lego bricks the child came up and I started playing again. But it also taught me a lesson.

First of all, all these Legos are evergreen. You can still use them nowadays, even mix them up with newer ones that you maybe just have purchased for your own children, and create new amazing things out of them.

And second, like an asset in the IM Business whether it is a lead magnet or a product, one single Lego brick is pretty useless. But as soon as you start combining them you suddenly can create stunning things.

Now, tomorrow, and for years to come…

This teaches us two things

▶️ it is important to not only have one asset out there, but many of them
▶️ and best when these assets are evergreen

In my 30-Day PLR challenge, starting on Friday, 26th at 10am EST, I will take a PLR product, rebrand it to create a very new and unique product out of it, and then launch it at the end of the 30 days on one of the marketplaces.

This will give me a new, evergreen asset, like the Lego bricks, that I can use for years to come…

You are invited to follow me and replicate the easy steps so that you can have your very own asset out there that you then can use to build up upon.

Simply click here and I will see you inside the 30-Day Challenge


If you have any questions, as always drop them in the comments below and I will come back to you.

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